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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER: Stories of Women, Water and the World

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"We are living in a crucial epoch, a time of radical culture change and evolution. We need to prioritize the feminine values of poetry and beauty, of magic and soul. Eila's book shows us the way, her words weaving a watery and wonderful spell. Her affinity for water as the great primal connector and conductor of life force seeps out of every page and you will find yourself remembering ancient truths of belonging and destiny. If you are one who has come to re-imagine and create the world anew, you will find your own journey and soul illuminated and inspired with each page you turn. The world is aching for a new paradigm and this book is a delicious, intelligent and elegant feast for our hungering hearts." 

~Holly Hamilton, DD,  Founder, Awakening Avalon School of Earth Wisdom ~ 

The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World is a deep searching into the ways we become dammed and how we recover fluidity. It is a journey through memory and time, personal and shared landscapes to discover the source, the flow and the deltas of women and water.

Rooted in rivers, inspired by wetlands, sources and tributaries, this book weaves its path between the banks of memory and story, from Florida to Kyoto, storm-ravaged New Orleans to London, via San Francisco and across Ghana. We navigate through flood and drought to confront the place of wildness in the age of technology.
Part memoir, part manifesto, part travelogue and part love letter to myth and ecology,The Other Side of the River is an intricately woven tale of finding your flow... and your roots.

“Evocative and beautifully written.” -Craig Chalquist, author, Terrapsychology nd Professor in Ecopsychology

“This book is an instant classic for the new paradigm.”- Lucia Chivola Birnbaum, award-winning author and Professor Emeritus in Women’s Spirituality

“Beautiful, important, wise work! This is fluid writing... Eila deftly transitions between matters of family, culture, race, geography, mind and body. The river is a wonderful metaphor.” -Carolyn Cooke, author, Amor and Psycho

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